What is a Coach? 

A coach is someone who has the ability to educate you, to guide and direct you, to mentor you, to aid you in learning and/or improving a skill, and to assist you in achieving your desired goal.

There are many types of "coaches" in our lives, and in the world; from life coaches, to nutrition coaches, to fitness coaches, to financial coaches, relationship coaches, pregnancy coaches......etc.

Here at C5, we do not take coaching lightly, nor do we take the term lightly.

In my personal opinion, you have to earn the right to be called "Coach", it isn't given to you because you have a piece of paper on your wall.

There are "Trainers" (or what we like to call, "workout administrators") out there in the industry who can read a workout off the white board, play good music, and yell encouraging phrases for an hour. But does that make them a coach?

Not in our eyes. A coach actually has the ability to "teach" you something every time you are in their presence. They will help make you better, they will work with you on your skills, help with your positions, discuss your personal goals, guide and direct you on your journey in a manner that best supports YOU and YOUR goals. 

CrossFit Five Cities does not employ "workout administrators", we seek out and develop quality Fitness Coaches to ensure you are getting more than what you pay for every time you walk in our doors.

With that being said, please understand that the only people in our community who should be teaching movement and "coaching" athletes/members are the C5 Staff Members.

We understand that our Fitness Community is super pumped about fitness! And we LOVE that about each of you! But, unless you are on the C5 Staff, you are NOT to be attempting to teach movement, skills, position or anything else related to our program in class (or outside of class within our walls).

We have highly trained, professional Coaches who are here to Coach the C5 Program, who understand the specific intent of each days training session, each movement, each piece of body mechanics tied to those movements, and most importantly, the appropriate way to scale/modify each movement for specific people (if/when needed). 

Now, we understand that some of you may think there's nothing wrong with telling someone how to be positioned if they ask; "hey, where should my elbows be in this front squat?". Chances are, you probably know where they should be! However, without understanding how to properly assess an individuals ROM limitations and current abilities, there might be some underlying things that specific person needs to hear/understand that you may not be aware of.

In short; let the coaches coach. If you are in class to be coached and workout, focus on that and let the C5 Staff do what they do best; make each of you better!

Enjoy your Hump Day friends!