Cultural judgment

I was chatting with a female friend the other day who recently experienced some cultural judgment (from her own friends) on the "look" of her #EnhancedFitness.

The statement was something along the lines of; "whoa, those traps are really getting big..........", accompanied with a gesture that implied it wasn't what a female should be seeking. 🙄

To put it lightly; hearing this info irritated the sh*t out of me!! It's so sad that our society has conformed to this cultural "look" of a female. You should be "skinny" and frail. You shouldn't build muscle or be able to perform physical feats of fitness with eloquence.

To that I say; BS!! 

This statement was made from someone who has clearly submitted to the sad cultural judgment, and societal image, of what the media says a beautiful female "should" look like.

This friend is beautiful, and she is chasing fitness goals so she can gain confidence, build her strength, increase her endurance, become a more functional human. The more fit she becomes, the more beautiful she my eyes (and the eyes of many of you). 

I hope that every female reading this blog understands that there is nothing that screams "WEAKNESS" more than conforming to the BS image of what our culture has accepted as "beauty" for a female. 

BE PROUD of your hard work!

BE PROUD of your strength gains, of your traps, your arms, your fit, sexy back, and your booty by squats! 


One of the things I'm MOST PASSIONATE about here at C5 is helping women get stronger and more fit, which in turn, builds their confidence to a level they didn't even know existed! 

For the ladies chasing fitness goals, chasing strength goals, chasing performance goals, STAY STRONG!! Keep pressing forward regardless of what cultural judgment you come in contact with.


I'm BEYOND PROUD to know each and every one of you ladies who put in the work to chase your Fitness goals, and by default, will play a role in changing the face of beauty in our culture!