Making a comeback

Have you been out of the gym for awhile? 

Perhaps days, weeks, or even months??

Scared to come in because of the pain you'll have to endure? Worried you'll hold up class, or, get your butt kicked by the warmup?? 


Step 2: DON'T get caught up in what's on the whiteboard and/or what the programmed workout is. 

Step 3: Privately approach the C5 Coach onsite and let them know that you've been MIA for "X" amount of time. At that point, your highly educated, knowledgable Fitness Coach, will assess the workout of the day, assess you, the individual, relative to your current level of fitness and how long you've been MIA, and provide you with a safe, appropriate game plan for the day. You will most likely NOT do what is programmed for the day. From your warmup to the workout, things will most likely be slightly modified to allow you make a gradual, progressive, safe, comeback. 

Please remember; C5 is here to help YOU succeed in Fitness. We want nothing more than to guide and direct you in a safe and appropriate way, each and everyday, on your Fitness journey. But, we can't do that if you don't show up. 

Know someone who's been MIA for awhile? Or, maybe it's you? 

Please refer to the steps above and help us to help you! 

Make it a great day of Fitness friends!!