C5 Athletes represent at the WORLD Police and Fire Games in LA


To say we are proud of our C5 athletes performance at the 2017 WORLD Police and Fire Games would be an understatement!! 

These 3 crushed their own expectations over the two day CrossFit event! 

James Ude took a 2nd place podium finish in the Men's 50-54 age division.

Stephanie Pipan took a 3rd place podium finish in the Women's 40-44 age division. 

Jeremy Douglas took a 12th place finish in the Men's 35-39 age division. 

For many, competition is not in their blood. It's not something that is enjoyable. And that's totally okay! One does not have to "compete" to be FIT, or to find happiness in a health and wellness model. 

For others, competition fuels the fire to remain consistent with training. To continue the #FitnessGrind day in and day out, always staying committed to moving the needle forward (whatever that may look like for each individual based upon a LONG list of factors). There are many different levels to what "competition" can look like. From friendly fun competition, all the way up to professional, Elite competition. 

Before you consider competition in the Sport of Fitness (or any competitive atmosphere for that matter), make sure you've done the appropriate soul searching on the "why" behind your decision. Your "why" is the ONLY THING that will keep your fire lit 🔥

These three individuals LOVE TO TRAIN! They're love for Fitness shined bright at this event while they pushed through all the adversity in their path! 

Proud to call this crew C5 Athletes!!!