Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt.

The mantra for the girls this weekend at The 2017 Kill Cliff Granite Games. Something that was repeated over and over as a reminder to be confident in their abilities, regardless of the obstacles that create doubt in the conscious mind.


There were MANY highs and lows over the weekend. When you put 3 individuals together, operating as a TEAM, each with different strengths and weaknesses, there will always be moments of doubt and uncertainty for each individual at different times throughout a multiple day event. 

These girls do an AMAZING job of lifting each other up, encouraging each other, being strong when another is weak, and understanding when it's time to charge hard, and when it's time to keep it calm and relaxed. 


The atmosphere and energy at The 2017 Granite Games was ELECTRIC ⚡️ 


Asking athletes to remain calm and focused when emotions are high, stress is increased, and the atmosphere is electric, it's almost like asking a little kid jacked on sugar to sit still and not make a sound. 

Being a competitor in the Sport of Fitness is no easy task. It requires hard work, commitment, and discipline. If you want to excel, you MUST be able to embrace the LONG JOURNEY to progress in Fitness appropriately.

These girls have done just that. They have learned to embrace the journey. It has taken them 5+ committed, disciplined, years to get to this level in the game. 

They entered this weekend with a lot of doubt, wondering if "they belonged" in the Pro Division that they were now competing in. While it's so easy as a competitor to get caught up in the "scene" and atmosphere of other competitors, it's important to always remember that you are there to run YOUR race! To ensure that you perform better than you have in the past. Does your TEAM work more efficiently, are you stronger as a unit, have you grown and evolved in the sport, were you adaptable to the elements of surprise? All of these things are what "PROVE" a TEAM has "earned the right" to be there. 


To say "I'm proud" of these girls is such an understatement. Coaching these girls throughout the season in preparation for this event definitely has it's ups and downs, just like competition, but at the end of it all, when it's GAME DAY and all the work comes to fruition, it makes every up and down, every struggle, every bead of sweat, every drop of blood, every tear, and every stressor worth it all!! 

CrossFit Five Cities finished the weekend in 12th place overall in the Pro Division, TEAM of III Women and we walked away so proud of the accomplishment and growth that came with the experience! 


Great work TEAM!!!