Vulnerability can be present in many facets of life; from our relationships, to our fitness, our careers, our hearts, to speaking in public, to just being in public……etc. 

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is an uncomfortable place for most of us. 

Being vulnerable takes courage. However, it takes “being vulnerable” to build courage. 🤔

No wonder it’s so uncomfortable! 

Vulnerability, relative to Fitness, is an interesting thing (it’s actually interesting in every facet of life, but, I’m going to relate it to Fitness today). 

The C5 Fitness Program is currently “sprinkling in” prep pieces to expose you, the community, to workouts that “could” resemble Fitness TESTS that one who is participating or competing in the sport, might see during the upcoming, 5 week competition, The CrossFit OPEN

Workouts like today give you the “opportunity”, to be vulnerable, should you have the courage to set your ego aside, not worry about the white board, and truly focus on yourself and your current abilities. The only way you can learn how to run your Fitness engine efficiently, is to be vulnerable on workouts like today. To fail at the intent, and then adjust the sails accordingly. 

Don’t get me wrong, some of you might get lucky and nail your efforts perfectly. Some of you might “game” the whiteboard so that your results “look” great on the whiteboard, but perhaps thinking in the back of your mind that you actually could have pushed harder. 

When we get into prepping and progressing energy systems (Aerobic and Anaerobic), it can become a very complex discussion and design. There is a laundry list of factors that play a role in how one should/could progress. 

Setting that laundry list aside, in an attempt to educate those of you following our group fitness program, I’d simplify my goal for you like this; 

    1.    Your first 80% effort round of work should be hard. Not “put you on your back” hard, but a hard effort that has you breathing a bit heavy when you finish it. 
    2.    Your second round should be…..(wait for it)…..a slightly harder effort than the first. 
    3.    Your third round should be where you start to question things. Like, “….hmmmm, I’m not 100% confident I can move faster than that 2nd round”. This is where the courage to “be vulnerable” should have already set in. If you are rolling into round 3 confident as can be about finishing the respective work 5% faster, you probably aren’t being vulnerable. You’re either 1. holding back on your efforts to game the workout, or 2. A seasoned fitness athlete who’s familiar with intensification periods in your training and you know exactly how to run your own engine (which means you’ve been vulnerable to be able to get here 😏)
    4.    Your final round is the most questionable of all. Your mind is filled with doubt, you feel like the 2min walk/rest was really only 30sec, you’re NOT ready to start the final round due to not feeling recovered and NOT ready to push the limits again, your heart rate has elevated somewhere up near the ceiling, your breath rate has increased rapidly, This is the feeling of vulnerability in fitness. 

A true effort like what is listed above is only going to make sense if you; 1. got a good nights sleep, 2. are well hydrated, 3. are appropriately fueled, 4. are adequately recovered, 5. have goals of being efficient within fitness progression, 6. are efficient at the movements in the days workout………just to name a few. 

Learning to exercise at incremental or progressive efforts takes A LOT of practice. The reality of it is that it needs to start with the basics. FIRST show me you can repeat 5 rounds of a 250m row at a specific pace on the dot. Then we progress from there. Or, show me you can do 10 jumping jacks and 15 air squats in an incremental fashion over 3 rounds, then we progress to harder things. 
Point being, todays workout is a VERY advanced version of incremental effort work, even for our FOUNDATION program. 

So don’t beat yourself up if it seems difficult, because it is! 

Today I'd like to challenge you to be vulnerable. Let your hair down and go for it. Don't hold back. Don't worry about what others might think (cuz the truth is, no one really cares ). Understand that whatever the result is, you can learn and grow from it. 

Giving yourself the opportunity to be vulnerable is what will build your courage, which in turn will increase your confidence. And in case you didn’t’ get the memo, CONFIDENCE is one of the most LEGIT characteristics you can have for success in all areas of life! 


Make it a great day Fitness Friends!