Growth comes in many different shapes and sizes; 

Physical growth, emotional growth, mental growth, spiritual growth, bicep growth, booty growth......the list could go on, but you get the idea 😉

One of my most favorite things in this life is our choice to embrace growth.

Some run from it, and never become more in life. Others embrace it, and go on to become better versions of themselves. I HIGHLY suggest the latter 😎👊🏽

Growth is HARD. It's uncomfortable. It requires getting out of your comfort zone (whatever that means to you, the individual). It requires perseverance. It requires desire.........this list could also go on. 

Growth is a process. It takes time. Some growth can happen quicker than others, depending on the individual, and the actual area the growth is taking place. 

Just like a plant must be watered to grow, human beings are no different. 


Want to grow physically? You must water yourself via exercise, nutrition, hydration, and appropriate recovery. 

Want to grow emotionally? You must water yourself via deep soul searching, communication in deep meaningful relationships, reading, being vulnerable, heartache......etc.

These are just a few basic examples of how growth "could" take place for you. 

I am more motivated than I ever have been in my life to grow. I have embraced the pain, the struggle, and the challenges in life that accompany growth. I also love helping others grow. Supporting it, guiding it, and encouraging it, is something I have a passion for. 

So although you are here at C5 for #FitnessGainz, a big piece of our program and community is here to support your growth as a human being overall. 

If you're going through hard times in any area of your life, instead of dwelling on the difficulty or negative part of it, I'd like to challenge you to find the positive side. Look ahead just a little bit at the opportunity for growth. 

There are no accidents in life. EVERYTHING we experience is for a reason. EMBRACE the challenges and struggles and keep growing to be the best version of YOU that you can be! 

Make it a great week friends!!