What are some easy (and healthy!) snacks when I'm on the go?

Depending on our jobs, our lifestyles, our families, we can be on the go all time. Not to mention when we have to travel! Eating while out of your routine can be one of the most frustrating parts of keeping your nutrition on track and your goals at the fore-front of your mind.


Simple: YOU PLAN.

Ideally, you’d swing by the grocery store BEFORE your travels begin. You can even check your route (if you’re driving) for good locations to stop with plenty of restaurant options that do not include fast foods.

Purchasable travel snacks:

  • Perfect bars & RX bars (Trader Joe’s and Von’s)

  • Dried snap peas (Trader Joe’s and Von’s)

  • Chomp jerky sticks (Trader Joe’s) & Chef’s Cut jerky sticks (Von’s)

  • Sliced cucumbers, baby carrots, fresh snap peas

  • Boom Chikka Pop popcorn (Von’s)

  • Fruit & PB

  • Freeze-dried fruit (Trader Joe’s)

  • Roasted, unsalted nuts

Prep-able meals/snack ideas for travel:

  • Deli meat + sliced bell peppers + hummus or greek yogurt mixed with seasonings to make a “dip”

  • Canned chicken + greek yogurt + sautéed veggies + rice

  • Greek yogurt + PB + honey + apple (fruit and dip)

  • Overnight oats (oats + milk of choice + honey + greek yogurt/protein powder + fruit + PB or PB powder)

  • Homemade protein/energy balls (great recipes on Pinterest!)

  • Homemade Granola + greek yogurt

  • Smoothies

  • Salads

  • Hard boiled egg(s)

As I’ve stated in previous posts, do your best to combine protein, fat, and carbohydrates in your meals, aiming to eat every 2-4 hours. Keep that metabolism up, running, and fueled properly!

Always feel free to email me with particular questions for your individual travels. (emily@crossfitfivecities.com)

Your C5 Nutrition Intern,