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The time has come to announce some #C5Evolution!

Most of you who have been members at C5 for any significant amount of time, know that we LOVE evolution and growth! Not just for you the individual, and for ourselves, but for our business and the C5 Program, and organization, as a whole.

One of my favorite, new found quotes; “The only constant in life is change”…..or something along those lines 😊

Point being, LIFE is full of CHANGE. There is no hiding from it. NOTHING lasts forever.

I completely understand that some people LOVE change, and some people HATE it. But I will say, if you fall into the “I hate change” category, you’re going to continue to struggle in this life as change is inevitable.

Here at C5, we are always seeking growth and evolution. How can we be better? How can we continue to evolve and grow?……..etc

Upcoming C5 changes commencing November 1, 2018;

  1. We will be adding a new program to our service offerings; C5 SWEAT (click here for more info). This is our new 30min class, designed to support those busy days when you don’t have time for a full 60min Fitness session. It is guaranteed to be quick, fun, high intensity, and bring the sweat! For this intro month of November, we will be running a prepaid, $99 pass to attend C5 SWEAT classes only (*pass is for folks who are NOT current C5 members. Current C5 Unlimited Members can attend at NO ADDITIONAL charge as part of your Unlimited membership package). Class offerings for the month of November will be: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 530am-6am, and, 1215-1245pm.

  2. We will be upgrading our program names: With the implementation of our C5 SWEAT program, we will be changing the name of our 60 minute, Group CrossFit classes to C5 THRIVE. Same great program, new name (that’s all that will change). A more detailed explanation on these two programs can be found by clicking here.

  3. Schedule adjustment/shift; Our early AM THRIVE class will shift to 6am, Monday through Friday. The gym will be open at 515am (M/W/F) so things are prepped and ready for our 530am SWEAT class. THRIVE will begin promptly at 6am.
    Due to the lack of class attendance, our 12pm THRIVE class will be cancelled, and replaced with the 1215-1245pm SWEAT class, M/W/F. We will still offer 12pm THRIVE class on Tuesday/Thursday. (*note; the gym hours will NOT change and still be open from 9am-1pm M-F)

  4. We will be retiring our FOUNDATION Program. If you pay attention to our program design, we have had an extensive amount of evolution to it since 2009. It has been VERY basic, and simple, to VERY complex and evolved, and everything in between. ALWAYS progressive and designed with intention, NEVER random. We are now going to be “merging” our high quality, balanced, progressive Fitness Programs into one.
    In short, the C5 Coaching Staff is a VERY knowledgeable #Squad of Fitness Coaches. They all have the training and ability to meet every individual where they’re at, and make appropriate optimizations to each days workout to ensure you receive the intended dose response/stimulus for the day.
    ’Scaling and Modifying’, or what we like to refer to as “Optimizing” here at C5, are inevitable. We ALL need it in some form or fashion. For those of you who are used to following the FOUNDATION program, you can find each days ‘suggested’ optimizations in parenthesis under each movement, or block of work, for the day, as shown in the image below;

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As with all change in life, sometimes the fear of uncertainty can get the best of us. As stated above, some will love it, some will hate it.

Please understand that “EVOLUTION” does NOT happen here at C5 without extensive thought, and research, to ensure our decisions make sense for the bigger picture, align with our goals and philosophies, and serve our overall mission;

To inspire, educate, and guide individuals throughout their evolving fitness journey.

In conclusion, we want to make our high quality Fitness Program accessible to more people, more often. Time is a major limiter/excuse for many people. Introducing our new 30min program will help to combat that excuse.

We feel that by implementing this new program, we are also ‘increasing’ our value to YOU, the current member, by offering you more. The gym will actually be open for longer hours each day, you will have access to MORE FITNESS than you did before, and it will all be included in your current membership! That’s right, current UNLIMITED members do NOT pay extra to attend SWEAT classes, should you choose to do so.

For a more personal look into these changes, you can watch the live video posted in our private, C5 Family Facebook page.

Thank you to everyone for your continued loyalty, and support of C5!

Love you all! ❤️💪🏽