C5 GAMES Workout 4

WORKOUT #4 is on the #FitnessMenu today!!

Today’s workout will comprise of the VERY familiar; Alternating Single Arm DB Snatch and progressive, vertical pulling.

Some info for today’s TEST of Fitness;

  1. HAVE FUN 😎

  2. If you CAN do “a pullup”, like, yes, you’ve done ONE, or several before, YOU have the ability to Rx this workout and give it your best effort. Don’t fear failure. Don’t limit your potential by letting fear hold you back. Test yourself so that you can grow, and find fulfillment in the hard work you’ve been putting in!

  3. Todays workout will have tiebreak times after each round of vertical pulling is complete; IE: note the time when the first set of 30 pull-ups are complete, then note the time when the set of 20 C2B are complete….etc.

Looking forward to seeing you at the whiteboard for further standards and deets!!!

Make it a great day friends!!!