THE FINAL WEEK of The 2nd Annual C5 GAMES

It’s here!

The final week of competition!

It has been BEYOND EPIC watching all of the ‘Full Efforts’, the perseverance, the blood, sweat, and tears, over the past two weeks!

Stoked to witness what this final week of competition will bring to everyone!

Workout 5 kicks off with 12 rounds for time of rowing, wall balls, and hspu. Understanding how to pace this one will be CRITICAL for your success. If you have HSPU, make sure you understand where YOU sit with them relative to muscular endurance. Bite off more than you can chew with big sets up front, it WILL hurt you deeper into the workout. Have a game plan!

Workout 6 is a CrossFit classic (with an added bonus), “GRACE”; 30 clean & jerks for time (135/93).

The caveat; after the time cap (5min), everyone will rest exactly 2min, and then roll into workout 6b for a 2min AMRAP of lateral burpees over the barbell 😈

*Note; finishing GRACE under the time cap means you get MORE rest……..but may potentially hurt your score for 6b if you go too hard 🤔………….strategizing this one might be important to consider!

We will be running workout 6a/6b “FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS” style with Heats beginning at 430pm! We understand that many of you can only get in to earlier class times on this day, but, for those who LOVE the energizing atmosphere of competition, we’d HIGHLY suggest getting your name on the HEAT SCHEDULE and going Friday night!

Reserve your HEAT time here

Manny’s tacos 🌮 will be onsite Friday from 5-8pm to support your post workout fueling needs!

Not participating in The C5 GAMES, or, already did you workout earlier in the day?……that’s OKAY! We would still LOVE for you to come out and support your friends, and hang out with your Fitness Family!

Looking forward to watch everyone CRUSH this final week of The C5 GAMES tests!!