Our FINAL C5 GAMES workout takes place this Friday!!

Be sure you get signed up for your HEAT time (by clicking here) in the evening if you want to be fueled by the ELECTRIC ATMOSPHERE that will be in the house! 💥⚡️

***BE SURE YOU ARRIVE A MINIMUM OF 30min prior to your HEAT time to execute your warmup (suggested warmup/prep will be on the whiteboard on the ID side of the gym).

If you want some motivation, check out this video of Dan Bailey crushing GRACE unbroken 😲

*NOTES: if you've never done high volume TnG repetitions of C&J at this load, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME kids 😉

However, if you're a TnG pro, some points to be aware of here;

1. Breathing. Don't be afraid to breathe HARD & FAST. Breath rate should be synced to barbell cycling pace.

2. Notice Dan's foot position. They don't move....AT ALL. Until his final reps, they start to shift slightly, but for the most part, they are grounded and solid.

3. Bar path. His bar is moving along the same path the entire time. The least amount of distance the bar travels, and the tighter it stays to your center line of gravity, the less energy gets expended, resulting in your ability to do more work, faster than anticipated.

4. If you're not going unbroken like Dan, make sure you have a game plan going into this! 3 sets of 10, 6 sets of 5, 10 sets of 3, descending sets; 5/4/4/4/4/3/3/3.....etc.

Oh yeah, and don't forget, you get to ALSO rest 2min and then do a 2min AMRAP of burpees 😈