Sure, society’s idea of exercise is; to get fit, get in shape, lose weight, fit in smaller clothes, look good, stay healthy…..etc.

Here at C5, we know it to be true, that there is so much growth that can take place through the experiences via an actual Fitness Program, coupled with community.

This is Bodie Donald, he is 12yrs old and has been dabbling in CrossFit style workouts since he was 8yrs old.

Not only is this 12yr old boy VERY fit, but more importantly, he is learning perseverance through Fitness. He is learning to overcome hard challenges that create discomfort.

What you hear in the background, is called Community Support. Not the kind of support we see on the daily in todays society. But, here at C5, we thrive on it. This Fitness community is flooded with encouraging, uplifting, positive, motivated individuals all seeking the common goal;

… become the best version of ourselves possible.

This cannot take place without change, without challenges, without growth, without the courage to TRY things you once thought impossible.

We are here to inspire, educate, and guide individuals throughout their evolving fitness journey.

Can you imagine the level of confidence, the ability to overcome obstacles, and the courage that this boy will carry into his life as an adult because of his experiences here at C5?

Know someone who needs this kind of support and encouragement in their life? Share the C5 message with them so we can continue to make a difference in peoples lives through Fitness!