Do negative calories exist?

Most of us have heard that certain foods exist which require more energy to digest them than the amount of calories they consume… something called negative calorie foods. This notion is in fact false.

The truth is foods that are natural, unprocessed, and micronutrient friendly (i.e. fruits and vegetables) exist with their own enzymes attached to them. Enzymes are responsible for the acceleration of all chemical reactions in the body – the acceleration of chemical reactions in the body then equates to a faster metabolism. Enzymes are also the microscopic particles within our digestive systems will allow our bodies to break down the foods we consume and turn them in to usable nutrients. These negative-calorie foods not only provide their own enzymes for digestion, but they also bring extra friends to the party! Once ingested, these negative-calorie foods provide for enzyme production in quantities that are sufficient to break down not only its own host calories, but additional calories present in digestion as well. 



Empty-calorie (non-nutritious, processed) foods do not provide any enzymes upon consumption, which means that in order to be digested, the body must create enzymes to convert these empty-calorie foods into usable energy. This is why you notice bloating, uncomfortable cramps or pains in your abdomen, even gas after eating non-nutritious foods.



Q: When negative calorie foods are ingested along with nutrient poor, empty-calorie foods… what happens?

A: Surplus enzymes are used to aid in the digestion of poor quality calories.

Essentially this means that to optimize digestion, if you plan to consume processed, low-nutritional quality foods, you should do so by consuming them along with fruits or vegetables. This way, the additional enzymes provided by these fruits and vegetables will aid in the digestion of the chosen empty-calorie food(s).

However, to optimize the metabolic acceleration from the surplus of enzyme activity that accompanies fruits and vegetables, these “negative-calorie” foods should be preferably ingested in the absence of additional enzyme robbing “empty-calories”. 

C5 Nutrition Intern,