From the C5 Staff to you, HAPPY 2019 🥳😎

From the C5 Staff to you, HAPPY 2019 🥳😎


As the final weeks and days of each year wind down, I typically spend time in my mental lab, hibernating, and reflecting on the past year.

As 2018 comes to a close, and we kick off 2019 today 🎉🥳, I would like to challenge each of you to ensure you take some time to reflect as well.

One of the many valuable lessons I learned from one of my favorite mentors growing up was to make the time for reflection; take 10-20min to reflect at the end of each day, take 1-2hrs to reflect at the end of each week, take 1 day to reflect on each month, and take 5-7 days to reflect on each year.

Some questions I like to ask myself during my annual reflection process;

1. Is my values list in order?

2. Did I achieve my goals?

3. Were my goals my own, or did I get sucked into what I “thought” I should want based upon an outside influence?

4. What worked well for me this year, and why?

5. What did NOT work well for me this year, and why?

6. What can I do a better job at this year?

7. Were my daily actions in line with my goals and values? If not, what can I do to change it.

……..there’s a few to get you started. The list runs much deeper when truly reflecting on your life.

When I first began “reflecting”, I honestly did not enjoy the process. I was too high strung (probably still guilty of this), struggled to sit still and truly understand the value in sitting down and reviewing my decisions, my outcomes, my goals and values.

I’m not sure what changed and when, perhaps it was growing older, learning to embrace and understand the value of balance, the ability to actually unplug from life’s rat race and take a moment to breathe, and remember what is truly important in life (<——insert your own personal values list here).

At the end of the day, what really matters to you? Are you OWNING your daily decisions based upon your goals and values?

We will ALL have failures. We will ALL have struggles. It’s part of life; the ebbs and flows, the ups and downs, the peaks and valleys…..etc.

Life is a journey. Embrace it. Own it.

If any of you have specific questions, or would like some guidance on reflection and goal setting as we roll into the new year, please do NOT hesitate to reach out to myself, or any of your C5 Coaches. We’re here for you!


Today, Jan 1st, we will have: ONE class at 9am, OPEN GYM from 10-12pm.

Make it a great week of Fitness ya’ll!