Nutrition Based Results

This week’s Nutrition Tip is taking a different direction to focus on the hard efforts of Leeann (Hutch) Hutchinson, who has been working diligently on her nutrition practice since the beginning of June.

Initially, the focus for Hutch’s nutrition was learning what size meals were ideal for her and how to space those meals throughout the day. Once we established a solid routine, we began to work on how her meals were structured on training days versus rest days as well as how to make healthful meals enjoyable and amusing.

Along the way, Hutch has grown to understand how her body responds to certain foods and the best way to structure her foods throughout the day to get the most out of her fitness. She has also learned how to make choices while eating out or when having to travel or change her meals last minute.

“I have learned how to eat for health. I was so afraid of food before. I knew I wanted change on the inside as well as the outside, but I didn’t know how to get there.
What I learned on my food journey is the scale is just a number. I wouldn’t change this new way of life for anything. If you want change, go get it. Don’t let fear prevent you from becoming a better version of yourself.”
— Leeann (Hutch) Hutchinson

The most important thing has been for Hutch to understand and learn that the scale doesn’t determine how she feels about herself. The scale is simply a tool used to understand your body and how it is growing. Especially on a weight loss journey, fluctuation is inevitable. The goal is to focus on the TREND of weight versus having an immediate assumption based on an increase or decrease between each weigh in.

Hutch Graph.png

Especially through the holiday season, Hutch has learned (and is still learning!) how to make choices that allow her to enjoy the foods she loves, along with the time with family and friends, without hindering her progress toward her goals.

The most important thing that Hutch and I have been focusing on is to learn to love this journey. To be okay with knowing it is always a journey. There is not a destination in which nutrition stops. Hutch will continue to eat every single day for the rest of her life. The best way to enjoy that is to learn how to feed herself well and how to adapt those habits to fit whatever her current goals may be, relative to her chosen lifestyle.

Your C5 Nutrition Intern,