We are rolling into week 2 of The 2018 CrossFit OPEN and it has been pure high energy and excitement already after 18.1 has come and gone!

If this is your first OPEN experience, you most likely had no clue what to expect coming into this 5 week competition. Now that you have one workout under your belt, you can kind of get an idea on what each week will look like. 

The next important key point to follow will be your training efforts each week as we get deeper, and deeper, into this 5 week competition. When you train for general fitness, you typically do NOT empty the tank/give FULL EFFORT every Friday for 5 weeks in a row. 

Our group fitness program provides some low level preparation leading up to The OPEN, but as you've now experienced 18.1, you can understand what the energetic atmosphere can provide for everyone involved as it relates to giving "full effort". 

Giving full effort, every Friday for 5 weeks in a row, can be very taxing on the body and the CNS. In an attempt to help you perform to the best of your abilities, we provide this suggested taper schedule to follow each week to allow; 

  1. Your body and mind the opportunity to rest and recover from the previous weeks workout effort.
  2. Your body and mind the opportunity to prep appropriately for another FULL EFFORT attempt on each Friday. 
Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 1.56.28 PM.png

Percentages in the chart are relative to efforts and loading. Follow it should you value your performance and your longevity during this 5 weeks of Fitness Testing. 

What this should feel like;


Saturday - 30-60min Active Recovery (specifically using movement mechanics used in the workout to provide adequate blood flow to the affected areas)*provided on the whiteboard as part of your C5 program. 

Sunday - REST DAY 

Monday - EASY day of training at 75-80% effort and loading as you progress back into the new week. 

Tuesday - MELLOW day of training, harder than Monday, but still a sustainable effort/pace.

Wednesday - HIGHER intensity at VERY low volume and time domains. This is just to increase heart rate and  "rev the engine" if you will, one more time before GAME DAY. 

Thursday - EASY day of mobility and prep work based upon the workout release. 

Friday - GAME DAY again....

Repeat for the remainder of The OPEN 💪🏽

Looking forward to watching each of you CRUSH your own, individual, perceived limitations for the remainder of this TEST!!




A. 3x7 goblet squat @31X1 (building)
*rest 2min 

B. 9min AMRAP ladder: 
10 wall balls
10 np burpees
10 single unders
15 wall balls
15 np burpees
15 single unders
20 wall balls
20 np burpees
20 single unders
…..continue up the ladder by 5's 

A. 3x5 backsquat (building)
*rest 2min 

B. 9min AMRAP ladder: 
10 wall balls
10 burpees
10 double unders
15 wall balls
15 burpees
15 double unders
20 wall balls
20 burpees
20 double unders
…..continue up the ladder by 5's