Where do you sit?

Today, we are executing a C5 favorite, "DT".

This well known CrossFit Hero workout will test several things, but the three listed below are my favorite; 

  1. Your efficiency with the barbell

  2. Your ability to control heart rate via appropriate breathing efficiency while moving the barbell

  3. Your mental strength

One of my favorite skills to teach/help sharpen in the sport of fitness, is barbell cycling, or, barbell efficiency. 

If you weren't aware, we have been on a barbell cycling and efficiency progression in our group fitness design for the past 6 weeks to prepare you for today. If you executed those training sessions with "purpose", hopefully the skills you've gained will help you 💪🏽

The reality of learning barbell cycling and efficiency is this; 

  1. First and foremost, you MUST have (or obtain); sufficient structural stability, full joint range of motion, and sufficient motor control....to name a few basic requirements to even BEGIN understanding the; what/when/where/why/how of barbell cycling.

  2. Then you MUST spend THOUSANDS of reps learning the respective lift.

  3. Then you MUST spend THOUSANDS of reps learning to efficiently cycle the respective lift in an appropriate progression (of reps and loads), over time, that makes sense for YOU.

  4. Then you MUST spend THOUSANDS of reps learning to efficiently cycle multiple lifts (from basic to more complex, and from 2, to 3, to potentially 4 different lifts) in an appropriate progression (of reps and loads), over time, that also makes sense for YOU.

Whew! That sounds like A LOT of work!? 

Yep, cuz it is! It takes patience, motivation, drive, commitment, dedication, hunger, and YEARS of training to START to get DECENT at it. 

So if you see someone cycling the barbell like a BOSS today during "DT", understand that it took thousands of reps, years of patience, and hours of dedicated practice to get there. 

This video of Games Athlete, Annie Thorisdottir, is a beautiful display of what efficient barbell cycling looks like, as well as an efficient rep scheme/game plan for this specific workout (which your C5 Coaches will review with you at the whiteboard today)


The 2018 Reebok CrossFit OPEN begins in 2 weeks. Today's test will let you know where you sit with your current mental game. 

Do you have the ability to stay aggressive on the barbell and continue moving? 

Do you understand what/where your skill level sits as it relates to cycling the barbell, so that you and your C5 Coaches can devise the best plan for your success with this TEST (and future TESTS), 

"DT" has not historically been a TEST during The OPEN season, however, the mental strength required to power through this workout, is VERY similar to that of the mental strength that will be required to do your best during The OPEN. 

Allow yourself to be vulnerable today. Push the limits and have some #Real awareness around where your mental game is currently sitting 💪🏽

Enjoy the days challenge 👊🏽