The final week

It's here, the final week of The 2018 CrossFit OPEN

For some, you might be thinking; "Thank GOD it's almost over.......!"

For others, you might be thinking; "Bummer, this has been amazing and I wish it could keep going....."

Wherever you sit on that spectrum, there are A LOT of lessons to be learned from this OPEN season (as with any competition or testing phase in fitness). 

18.3 AND 18.4 were both a slap in the face for many people. 

Typically, as the weeks of The OPEN progress, the tests presented get harder, and more technical. Understanding "who you are" in the current moment is a VERY critical piece of your performance, your state of mind during your performance, and your feelings after your performance. 

Many of you are starting to understand that showing up to a group fitness class, that is designed for balanced fitness, 2-4x per week is NOT ENOUGH to make significant progress in the technical skills. As expressed in last weeks blog post, you cannot "fast track" strength and skill development. They take time, and for many of you, it's a daunting task to even consider the amount of time you would need to put in to ever be able to crank out 21 unbroken HSPU while following the OPEN standards 😱

When a workout test shows up with 45 HSPU in it, it is VERY insightful to understand; 

  • How many HSPU have you executed following the Rx standard in a workout recently?
  • How much HSPU volume do you execute during any given week?
  • Can you execute the Rx standard movement under fatigue? 

......just to name a few things. 

We talk A LOT about the importance of logging your training results on a daily basis here at C5. If you haven't graduated to that level yet, that's okay. Just understand that it's not fair to yourself to be upset about what you could, or could not do based upon your expectations, if you haven't put in the time to train the specific movements, and/or, the time it will take to develop the required strength and skill necessary to succeed. If you're participating in The OPEN to test yourself and have fun, with the clear understanding that you have not invested the time to CRUSH the competition, you should be stoked about every outcome, assuming you're giving your best effort for the day. 

Don't forget that "success" in fitness look different for everyone! Maybe just kicking up the wall and having the ability to lower your head to the floor was a PR for you! Own that, be proud of that, and continue to build upon it! THAT is what this is about. YOUR growth. YOUR efforts. 

I am SOOOO PROUD of everyone who has pushed outside of their comfort zones, and dug deep these past 4 weeks 💪🏽

Keep up the solid work Fam, one week to go!!! 



A1. 3x60'/side; suitcase carry (Heavy)
A2. 3x1 rope pull w/knee raise
*rest/walk 90sec 

B. 5min AMRAP @85%:  
8 np burpees
12 box step ups

*rest/walk 3min

C. 5min AMRAP @85%:  
12 db thrusters
12 jumping C2B pullups 

A1. 3x60'/side; suitcase carry (Heavy)
A2. 3x1 rope ascent (L-sit or legless if possible)
*rest/walk 90sec 

B. 5min AMRAP @85%:  
12 SA DB OH walking lunges (right arm)(50/35)
8 box jumps
12 SA DB OH walking lunges (left arm)(50/35)
8 box jumps

*rest/walk 3min

C. 5min AMRAP @85%:  
12 thrusters (95/68)
12 C2B pullups