2018 Evolution


We're excited about the 2018 Evolution that will be taking place this second quarter of the year! Hold on to your seats, it's going to be an exciting year! 

πŸ’ͺ🏽 Beginning Monday, April 2nd, our evening classes will be shifting to later times. The current 5pm and 615pm evening classes will NOW BE 515pm and 630pm M-F. The intent of this change is to help those of you who currently cannot make the 5pm class time, be able to attend the later time of 515pm, to help spread out the population. We know you’d rather get more focused coaching with 10 of your friends, instead of a chaotic 20+ friends that used to attend the 615pm class because they couldn’t make it in time for 5pm. Help us to help you! Come to the earlier class time to help support a more even attendance in our evening classes. 

πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈBeginning Thursday, April 5th, the return of YinFit begins in place of our 630pm Group Fitness class!! This will be a 9 week series, open to all C5 members for the monthly add-on (20$), or, $10/class drop-in. In support of the C5 philosophies for balanced fitness and appropriate recovery, we will NOT be having a regular group fitness class on Thursday evenings at 630pm as it will be replaced with YinFit to aid in your recovery. Reserve your spot by clicking here

πŸ‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Beginning Monday, April 9th, we will start running an OPEN GYM pilot program for 90 days. On Monday's only, C5 will be open from 1pm-5pm for OPEN GYM. That's technically a straight 10.5hrs that the gym will be open for your #FitnessGainz (9am-730pm including class times). We will be offering some specific "skill sessions" during this window to help YOU, the athlete, get some focused time with a C5 Coach to help you progress. More to come on the details of the skill sessions and how you can register for each one.

❀️ Monday, April 16th, 6am-4pm, we are SUPER STOKED to have KOTA USA visiting C5 offering InBody scans (body composition, lean muscle mass, hydration, and so much more). We love seeing progress in your fitness numbers on the whiteboard, but what about progress reports on the inside of your body? Get on track with measuring what's going on inside your body, as well as outside, as we partner with KOTA this year to help everyone #LevelUp
Register here: https://www.kotausa.com/kotac5
More info here: https://www.kotausa.com

πŸ’¨ Saturday, April 28th from 12-3pm we will be hosting a Breathing & Bracing workshop. Cost is $10 for C5 members ($20 for non members). The C5 Breathing & Bracing workshop is a 3hr,  practical learning experience that introduces the basics of breathing anatomy and physiology. You will learn how to utilize different breathing and bracing protocols to positively impact your performance, recovery, and overall health. You can register by clicking here

Here's to CRUSHING your FITNESS GOALS in 2018!