Body composition testing coming to C5

We are SUPER STOKED to announce a recent partnership with KOTA USA, body composition testing!

KOTA_C5poster-01 copy.jpg

In less than 45sec, you will get your full body composition including; body fat, lean muscle, hydration, and SO much more!! 

Each person will have a full, detailed report, like shown below, that you will be able to retest on a quarterly basis throughout the year when KOTA USA returns to C5 to retest (July and October). You can purchase a discounted package of 3 tests to ensure you get retested in July and October by clicking here.

More info on KOTA USA here

This testing will paint a clear picture on your progress from the inside!

InBody Results Sheet.png

You can get registered for your spot by clicking here

It will only take 10-15min to get tested, and review your results with a Coach.

This all takes place between the hours of 6am-4pm on Monday, April 16th at C5. 

I have personally had my InBody testing done last year in October, and am looking forward to having the testing continued on a quarterly basis to track my progress. This is a great system to ensure you're staying on track with your goals! 

Hope to see everyone taking advantage of this awesome service!