YinFit starts tonight!

YinFit makes it's return to C5 tonight at 630pm!! 

In support of our philosophies here at C5 around providing a balanced fitness program, we will be replacing our usual, 630pm Group Fitness class with YinFit (Yin Yoga) every Thursday night (for the next 9 weeks), beginning tonight!

You can reserve your spot for the monthly add-on by registering here

YinFit FAQ

Q. I am not flexible and/or I've never done yoga. Is this something that's for me?
A. YinFit is for everyone, as each pose can be scaled and adapted to your body, just like our everyday WODs are modified to meet you where you're at. By participating in YinFit regularly, you're likely to increase both your mobility and flexibility.

Q. I heard flexibility can negatively impact my fitness performance, is that true?
A. We're dedicated to a lifetime of fitness for all C5 members, which includes joint mobility and health for the long term. A regular yin yoga practice advances the health of joints and connective tissues, key components of our everyday mobility. This serves to enhance your ability in not only fitness, but also in life. 

Q. Do I need to bring anything?
A. Please bring a beach towel or soft blanket to class with you. If you have your own yoga mat, please bring that as well. 

Q.  Is this a workout where I'll sweat?
A. Most likely, no. This is a cool down experience, where we'll be spending the majority of our time sitting our laying on our yoga mats. 

Q. Why should I participate?
A. Yin yoga is literally the yang to CrossFit - both physically and mentally. In CrossFit, we ask our bodies to lift more and more weight at faster and more dynamic speeds. We tax our central nervous system (CNS) each time we push ourselves in the gym. Yin yoga is about slowing down our movement, holding poses deeply to relax the connective tissues and calm the nervous system. The deeply held poses catalyze a chemical reaction in the body where proteins in our connective tissues begin to alter - allowing the ligaments, joints and fascia to return to a normal, healthy state. In summary, yin yoga can hep reduce the chances of physical injury and greatly add to your overall sense of wellbeing. The real question is why wouldn't you participate?!

Looking forward to seeing many of you on the yoga mat tonight!