Open gym time and skill sessions begin today!

Today we will begin a two month pilot program for longer OPEN GYM hours. 

The gym will officially be OPEN FOR FITNESS from 845am - 730pm (Mondays ONLY)! That's an entire 10.5hr window (including Group Fitness classes) that you will have the opportunity to use the facility! 😱

We will be offering "Skill sessions" during the 4-5pm block on these Mondays to help you acquire the skills that may be alluding your Fitness toolbox. 

We will be kicking off our first skill session today with the Butterfly pullup skill! 

What are the pre-requisites for the skill, how to practice/progress the skill in a smart, safe fashion, how to become more efficient with the skill......etc. 

What is a "Skill Session"?

A skill session is a scheduled block of time where you will be able to work with a C5 Coach on a specific skill. You will get assessed on the pre requisite movement mechanics for the skill, practice drills relative to your current, individual needs, and review a game plan (with homework) with the Coach so you have a road map to achieve your specific goals for each skill/movement. 

Each skill session will be 1hr in length, (4pm-5pm), and will be limited to 10 people, to allow your C5 Coach the adequate time to work with you individually. 

Private training and small group programs typically run anywhere from $30-$150+ per person, per session. In an attempt to help more of you, at an affordable rate, C5 will be offering these "Skill Sessions" for $10 per person, per session during this pilot period. If we see demand with these sessions from the community, it could be something that continues.

What you can expect to see;

  1. Butterfly pull-ups - TODAY, April 9th, 4-5pm 
  2. Pistols/single leg squats - Monday, April 16th, 4-5pm

  3. Handstand/Handstand pushups/Handstand walks - Monday, April 23rd, 4-5pm

  4. Double unders - Monday, April 30th, 4-5pm

  5. Ring muscle ups - Monday, May 7th, 4-5pm

  6. Snatch - Monday, May 14th, 4-5pm

  7. Bar muscle ups - Monday, May 21st, 4-5pm

You MUST REGISTER for specific skill sessions by clicking here

We hope you choose to take advantage of the knowledge and #Gainz we are offering you with this program!