I can remember it like it was yesterday. Feeling like an outcast because my choices were vastly different than the majority. 

Those decisions have led me to where I am today. 

Before I became the owner/operator of C5, I had a career in the Electrical Construction industry. The construction industry is NOT an atmosphere filled with folks who are striving to grow, to become more, to eat healthy and clean, to be the most FIT version of themselves. The majority shows up to work, tired and grumpy, puts in their 8hrs of manual labor, and then goes home to the couch, or maybe some yard work (no offense to those in the industry who may be reading this that are the outcasts 😉). 

The majority also goes out to eat fast food for lunch, or whatever is readily available at the nearest corner market. NOT places that offer the healthiest of options. 

I would be up the night before, preparing my clean healthy food (so I thought at the time), so I could take my lunch to work. While ALL of my coworkers would go out to eat fast food, I would stay back at the site, and eat my healthy food. The jokes seemed to never end; 

"Chad, you gonna stay here and eat your celery sticks?"

"Hey, you sure you don't want us to grab you some french fries dude....?"

On and on and on....😂

The point here is this, I understand that transitioning to healthy living, when you live in the societal norm, is tough. The majority of society does NOT get why one would want to not eat out, to focus on eating clean, and training hard, and chasing fitness goals, etc. It's not easy to separate yourself from the crowd and make daily decisions that are "different" from those around you. 


Unless your "WHY" is bigger than the pushback of your peers. 

I was able to laugh at the jokes back in my construction industry days because I knew MY WHY. I was confident in my decisions because I knew where I wanted to go. I had goals to achieve. It was VERY clear that following the societal norm was NOT going to support achieving my goals. 

Don't fear being the outcast. Understand your "WHY" and use it to fuel your daily decisions to become the best version of YOU that you can!