SAVE THE DATES & What's happening

Upcoming community happenings here at C5;

1. #LookBetterNaked Summer Challenge has commenced as of yesterday! If you've registered, and would like some direction with "best practices", suggestions with your nutrition, and/or guidance, templates, and review, you will be receiving an email this week to schedule your FREE consult with our Nutrition intern, Emily Wicklund. If you missed that intro video, you can check it out by clicking here

2. July 30th-Aug. 11th we will be RETESTING your Fitness in our Group Fitness program. We executed a 2 week cycle of Testing during the first 2 weeks of April. For those of you who value progression in your Fitness, you will be able to see what the past 3 months of training has done for you!

3. C5 has 4 Athletes competing at the Central Valley Throwdown on Saturday, August 18th, in Tulare, Ca. Emily Wicklund, Courtney Morais, Chris Maselli, and Otis Garcia StSauver will all be competing in the Rx Individual Division. If you're seeking a road trip to support your friends, this is a great opportunity 💪🏽😎. You can find more deets on this event by clicking here

4. Saturday, September 1st, C5 will be having a "Family Day". This will consist of a Family style workout at our regular 9am class (kids of all ages encouraged to join with their parents/family), and then migrate to the Beach for C5 Beach Day (Volleyball, SpikeBall, Frisbee, Cornhole......etc), and maybe followed up with a bonfire 🔥 into sunset. More details to come as the date gets closer.

5. Monday, September 3rd, registration goes LIVE for the 2nd Annual C5 GAMES!! Our own little in-house competition which divides the C5 Community up into TEAMS led by your C5 Coaches. The official draft will take place on September 15th and TEAMS will be announced at our Bikes & Beers event. See item #7.

6. September 7-9, Michelle, Kelsey, and Nickole will be competing at The 2018 Granite Games in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. You can watch the event live on FloElite. More to come on those deets as time gets closer.

7. The 4th Annual Bikes & Beers event will be taking place on Saturday, September 15th, in SLO. We cruise on our bicycles to several breweries and have a beer or three, play some games, build our friendships, and announce C5 GAMES Teams! This is a NOT TO MISS event! More to come on the specifics of this event!

8. The 2nd Annual C5 GAMES is a 3 week, in-house competition that will be taking place from October 8th-27th. See #5 for registration deets!

9. The 9th Annual C5 Christmas Party will be taking place on Saturday, December 15th, in the private, downstairs events room at Mr. Ricks in beautiful Avila Beach. You def don't want to miss this Annual celebration! More deets here

Whew! I think that's all for now! Rock on Fam and THANK YOU for choosing C5 for your Fitness Journey!!