TESTING has arrived!!

For the next two weeks, we will be retesting your Fitness with the tests you experienced in the first two weeks of April this year. 

We have been on an absolute strength, and mechanical stability biased program over the past 3.5 months. If you have been consistent in your training, it would be near impossible to not see progress in your numbers during this retesting phase. 

Hopefully you have listened to your C5 Coaches and are logging your workouts so you can see the progress you have made! 

If you missed the memo 📝 on that, it's never too late to start! We have C5 logbooks in stock at the C5 retail shop!! Pick one up this week and start logging your progress so you can track your #C5FitnessGainz 💪🏽

For those of you who do log/track your workouts and performance, we want to see those progress numbers!! Share your gains on your IG accounts and use the hashtag #C5FitnessGainz to get entered into the raffle to win a prize! 

Stay on top of proper recovery practices (read more here if you've missed that memo also), your hydration, and your nutrition, to support the max efforts you're about to put forth in the coming days! 

Make it a great week Fam!!