Back to the GRIND

Today we TEST a C5 favorite; GRIND

GRIND is a custom, C5 benchmark workout designed specifically for our community. 

Why do we love it, because It is a benchmark that will test several facets; 

  1. Your mental strength
  2. Your battery (your ability to repeatedly attack the barbell with minimal to no rest)
  3. Your barbell cycling efficiency (your ability to move the barbell, through 3 different barbell movements, in a smooth, efficient, manner that wastes the least amount of energy)
  4. Your breathing efficiency (your ability to adjust breath rate to sync w/each movement and your rate of contractions)

Less than 2% of our population will actually complete this workout. All 4 points above MUST be, not just good, but GREAT, to achieve the accomplishment of finishing the workout under the time cap. 

What does this provide to YOU, the athlete who is driven to get better in the sport, or your day to day grind?

AWARENESS. Which of the items in the list above held you back? Was it one, or was it multiple? Only you can answer that after your reflect on your efforts today. 

Best of luck getting after it today kids!!