Today is the FINAL day of TESTING our #C5FitnessGainz 💪🏽🏋🏼

How many PR's have you seen over the past 2 weeks? 

If you've been consistent with your training, we're confident you've seen at least a few PR's! 

Remember, PR's (Personal Records, also known as PB's; Personal Best) come in all shapes and sizes. 

Whether it was a one pound increase on a lift, or a 30lb increase, it's still a PR! Whether it was one more rep of handstand pushups or pull-ups, or 10 more reps, it's still a PR! They all scream PROGRESS!!!! 

If you haven't been consistent, and haven't seen any PR's, don't stress on it! Monday kicks off a new phase of training and a fresh start to your consistency. Let this fuel your fire to get back on track toward those heath and fitness goals that originally brought you to us! 

Looking forward to finishing off the week strong with everyone! 

Happy Friday everyone!