End to the 2019 Open 👋🏼🥳

And that’s a wrap, folks!

The five week Crossfit competition known as the Open is officially over. Each workout had it’s own challenges and perks, and those of us who tested some or all of them got to enjoy or dread the experience.

As a wrap up, each week I compared the workout types and explained how those workouts translated to energy usage and finally to energy consumption, i.e. EATING. The moral of the story each week was to eat healthy, low-processed complex carbs and lean proteins on a regular basis to keep your muscle and liver energy stores full and to constantly allow your body to repair it’s muscles. Performance-based eating is simple: you eat to feel great. What foods make our bodies feel great vary from person to person and that is exactly why we emphasize testing out different foods, at different times, at different amounts/portions to assess what foods allow you to feel and perform to the best of your abilities when it comes time to do so.

You absolutely are what you eat. 😎

Starting next week, we are going to transition into talking about detoxing - what that means, who it is designed for, how to do it properly, etc. In addition, regular recipes will start being released on Wednesday’s blog post! They will be dictated by the current blog post theme, however will also vary each week to be useful for everyone.

As always, send an email or flag me down at the gym if you have any questions!

Your C5 Nutrition Coach,