Why is eating for aesthetics different from eating for performance?

We have spent the last two months discussing how you could eat to fuel your performance, no matter the aspect of your life. The key focus of performance-based eating is eating to FEEL GOOD. Starting this May, we are going to transition into discussing how eating would/could vary to support specific physique goals, also known as aesthetic-based eating.

Eating to alter physical attributes does not necessarily focus on eating to feel good or to fuel any sort of performance. Attempting to do both simultaneously is possible (ex: CrossFit Games athletes), however this course needs very specific macronutrient timing and ratios, i.e. very serious dedication and commitment.

This means understanding which form of eating (performance versus aesthetic) is more important to you and what things you are willing to change in your life and/or give up in order to achieve either.

The most common form of physique-related nutrition is seen among bodybuilders. Bodybuilders do focus their nutrition to support fitness, however for the sole goal of muscle growth rather than aerobic or cardiovascular exercise. The reason for this is that their nutrition goals are not to PR or move quickly, simply to look as good as they possibly can.

This month’s schedule is as follows:

Week 2: How does calorie balance work?

Week 3: Macronutrient/calorie variations for aethetics versus performance.

Week 4: Supplements & hydration for aethetics.

At any point if you have questions about your INDIVIDUALIZED nutrition needs, please feel free to send an email to emilywick@c5.fit

Your C5 Nutrition Coach,