Planning to eat while traveling 🧳 ✈️🚕


Whether that’s for a vacation, for work, or daily commuting, via car, train, or plane, especially in the summer time, travel fills the air.

This post and the few that follow are designed to help you stay on track with food (and maybe fitness) while traveling. Yes, it is important to enjoy your trip and if for you that means enjoying some fun foods, then go for it! The goal is to not lose control and to still understand that your goals exist even while you are in a different city, state, or country.

The first thing when trying to stay on track is to plan ahead. As with most things, failing to prepare, is preparing to fail. Especially when it comes to food, winging it tends to be unsuccessful.

Step 1: plan your route. Once you know where you are going and how long it’ll take you to get there, you can then take a look at what your food choices are along the way.

Step 2: determine whether you can make, pack, or bring food or whether you are limited to only purchasing food.

Step 3: determine how much food you will need. This will be based off of your travels plans and their duration.

Step 4: if you are able to make, pack, or bring food, then decide WHAT your meals/snacks will be and make your grocery list.


The next few posts will discuss some good purchase-able snacks versus some good prep-able snacks, how to strategize eating at an airport versus eating from a gas station (as needed), and how to plan food when you are able to cook (or not) while staying at a hotel or a renting house.

Your C5 Nutrition Coach,