Our final day at 1030 Huston Street

The time has come, our final day here at our Huston Street facility.


Regular 530 open gym and 6am class

Regular 9am class

GYM WILL THEN BE CLOSED midday until we reopen at 330pm for our final community workout from 4pm-7pm.

If you forgot to sign up for a HEAT time, there are a handful of spaces left!!! You can register by clicking here

Hoping to see each of you tonight, and looking forward to getting some Fitness in with everyone as a Community before we move out 💪🏽

*Reminder, you can show up to hang out also, fitness isn’t mandatory,……..although it is highly suggested 😉👊🏽


This facility has been C5’s home since 2012.

6 1/2 years of calling this location home to the C5 Community, program, and business.

We started in a small, 800sqft, carpeted space, at the Cypress Ridge fitness center back in September of 2009. We quickly outgrew that space and moved to a 2000sqft space here in the same parking lot (actually where the NHC now resides) in early 2010. From 2011 - 2012, we were busting at the seams in that space, and opportunity exposed itself to us across the parking lot (where we are today), so we made the leap and moved in November of 2012.

Since taking over ownership of C5 in May of 2012, there has been A LOT of growth and evolution. Not just to the C5 program and facility, but also to myself as a person, a Coach, a leader, and a business owner. NONE OF IT has been easy.

There have been A LOT of circumstances involved in our picture that are part of our evolution and move (some out of our control, and some part of our evolutionary plans as a program and business).

While there has been a lot of sadness for many in our community during this time of evolution and change here at C5, there has also been A TON of support and excitement……………and there is also SO MUCH to be grateful for;

There have been long term relationships created here, marriages formed, friendships, memories, PR’s, failures, lessons learned, hundreds of thousands of pounds lifted, thousands of hours bonding, and endless amounts blood, sweat, and tears shed.

I have watched, guided, supported, and educated, so many people in their journeys. Not just Fitness journeys, but also life lessons and overall growth as human beings.

It has been such a blessing to spend these past 10yrs here at C5 (the past 7yrs as the owner/operator), and I look forward to what the next decade brings for the continued C5 journey with those of you evolving with us.

I am BEYOND STOKED for where we are headed, and that we will be providing a program and facility that truly aligns with the C5 philosophies, and my personal beliefs around what a true, legitimate, fitness program and facility should look like. If you’ve missed any of our evolutionary info, you can read more by clicking here.

I am forever grateful to EVERYONE who has ever been a part of this C5 Community. Whether it was for a drop in, a week, a month, a year, multiple years, or if you’re one of many who have stood by my side through every evolutionary period we’ve had, I appreciate you, and the C5 doors will ALWAYS be open when you’re ready to return, come get in a workout with us, or just to drop in and say hello 👋🏽

I hope to see everyone at our GRAND OPENING event on Saturday, June 1st, to see our new, upgraded facility, and to put up some impressive numbers in our Fitness Challenges 💪🏽!! We will have some pretty rad prizes to give away!!

Stay tuned to our IG stories and account to stay up the speed with the latest C5 info!!

I love you all friends! Thanks again for choosing C5 ❤️💪🏾