What does weight tell us about someone's health or fitness?

The concept of weight is something that we, as a society, talk about or think about on a regular basis; what we weigh now, how much we’ve weighed in the past, how much we want to weigh in the future, how much others weigh, etc.

For years, the health and fitness industry has used weight as a means for gauging someone’s current physical status, but what exactly does someone’s weight tell us? What if it doesn’t tell us enough? Or almost nothing at all?

What weight does NOT tell us is how strong we are, how fit we are, how “healthy” we are, or how “good looking” we are. Weight is a tool used to gauge progress. Especially in the realm of health and fitness, aiming for a particular weight may not be realistic. The best thing to aim for is a healthy, happy, well-functioning body that is reliable, and performs well, in all aspects of our lives.

There is no designated weight for any individual. We are all different ages, different heights, at different phases of our lives, have had different experiences, have set different goals for ourselves, have been through different mental and physical challenges, have our own strengths and weaknesses, and are at different health and fitness levels.

Weight does not define, or determine, any of those things.

The number on the scale does not define who we are or where we have been.

We are all individuals. We will all look differently, weigh differently, and perform differently. Our goals should ideally revolve around what our bodies can accomplish and how we can grow them to be healthier and stronger to support us and our lifestyles.

Fitness is not determined by our weight the same way it is not determined by our age or our height.

Fitness is not determined by our weight the same way it is not determined by our age or our height.

Here at C5, personalized functional fitness and nutrition are our tools. Making better humans is our result.

Your C5 Nutrition Coach,