Finding Balance with Leanness & Lifestyle



Balance refers to having an even distribution of items among multiple areas.

In terms of leanness, balance refers to making conscious choices to obtain or maintain your ideal physique while also ensuring you are making choices which allow you to enjoy your life.

This can be a tricky line to walk down, however. Too many choices geared towards maintaining leanness can sometimes prevent enjoyment in other areas of your life, while too many choices directed at freedom and enjoyment may deter you from your goal of leanness.

There is no right answer for this.

No guidelines or templates. Just you and your choices. The most successful way to be as balanced as you possibly can is to see your nutritional and fitness-related choices as part of your lifestyle, your daily habits, your routine, and NOT as a chore or something you HAVE to do.

On top of this, it is important to understand that enjoying a treat should be something that you actually WANT to do, and that you are not doing it simply because others around you are doing it or because the item is just sitting in front of you.

Make sure whatever it is, is worth it.

If your digestive system is upset after, if your skin has a minor break out, if you gain a little bit of weight for a day or two, remember that you chose to eat that food item and you enjoyed eating it. If that is an untrue statement, then don’t eat that food!

Every day is another chance to obtain balance in your life. Learn from your choices. Learn what works for you, your body type, your lifestyle, your goals.

Enjoying your life while being healthy and lean is 100% obtainable. You just have to work hard for it every single day.

Your C5 Nutrition Coach,