Making the Change



Some of us love it, while some of us hate it. As many of us know however, we cannot grow without change.

The same is true for our bodies: if we do not change what foods we consume, our bodies will not grow.

They will not grow stronger, leaner, faster, or healthier.

So where then, do we start?

We start with small, sustainable changes.

Too often do we attempt to flip a switch with our nutritional habits and simply “take the leap”.

This refers to a complete turn around of your nutritional habits from one day to the next. Many of us think that if we just go ‘cold-turkey’ and stop eating baked goods, go on a juice cleanse, cut out carbs, etc., that we’ll achieve success quickly.

In reality, yes. You will see change. You’ll see fatigue, burnout, hormonal fluctuations, and potentially failure to stick with the “plan”. This is because drastic changes, especially in bulk, are unsustainable, meaning that they are not habits which can be maintained consistently for an unknown or extended period of time.

The way to successful, sustainable change is via making small changes at a time so that they are easily incorporated into your daily routine.

Change is hard.

Nutritional change can sometimes feel scary, intimidating, or daunting. The goal is to make these changes in pursuit of your goals but not at the expense of your happiness and sanity. The goal is also to make these healthy choices into healthy habits, which are easy to maintain.

Make a plan. Find balance.

In the end, it is you vs. you.

Your C5 Nutrition Coach,