The Art of Plateauing: How to Track Progress

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What stops most people from maintaining change?

The belief that progress is no longer occurring.

The key word in that sentence? Belief. When we believe that we are not progressing and change is not happening, we want to give up. Many of us do.

But how do we KNOW that change isn’t occurring and we just can’t see it?

As we addressed in last week’s blog post, change is hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it and be successful.

Those who are successful are the ones who make realistic, methodical changes and have established metrics in order to test their progress. These metrics are great resources when plateaus occur, which depending on who you are, can be often or infrequent. Plateaus are common and are great tests of mental fortitude and perseverance.

These metrics can include (but are not limited to):

  • body fat percent/lean muscle percent

  • body measurements

  • body weight

  • progress photos

  • fitness tests using weight, time, or skill

  • blood tests

In order to know how far you’ve come, you need to have metrics that tell you where you’ve been.

Believe in the process and never give up.

Your C5 Nutrition Coach,