Leanness is a Choice

Every action we take, every food item we put into our mouths, every word we speak is a choice.

We make hundreds of thousands of choices every single day.

We choose whether or not to plan our meals in advance, to read food labels, to include vegetables or cook our meals fresh.

We choose what we purchase at the grocery store, what we order from restaurants, and whether or not to keep snacks on hand.

So why then, isn’t everyone in peak physical condition based on their goals?


Because it’s hard. It’s really, really hard.

No one has an easier time making food choices than anyone else. Everyone struggles with foods that smell good, taste good, look good, etc., but aren’t necessarily “healthy” or ideal for consumption. Everyone has celebrations to attend. Everyone has cravings.


The difference between those who successfully obtain their ideal physiques and those who do not is the work they put into setting themselves up to achieve this success.

If you don’t want to eat sweets, don’t keep them in your house! Don’t go through that aisle at the grocery store. Don’t voice your cravings for them.

Have a plan for when these thoughts or cravings arise. Maybe you keep carbonated flavored water at home and you drink one every time you wish you had dessert, do 5 push ups every time, or put $5 into a jar.

If you know you have a hard time snacking uncontrollably at parties or events, consider eating before you go or bringing your own additional snacks. Even bring some gum and chew it whenever you feel yourself aching to go back for more food.

The best course of action is to teach yourself to ask questions. Every time you are deciding what to eat just ask yourself “Is this food going to make my body feel good? Is it going to put me closer to or further away from my goals? In the long run, is this food going to make me happy?”

Be informed and be responsible for your body, your goals, and your happiness.

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Your C5 Nutrition Coach,