Eating for Increased Volume or Intensity

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Last week we address how you could adapt your meals in order to support various styles of fitness (strength training, aerobic training, mixed). This week we are going to address how you can further focus your meals in order to support longer or more intense workouts, possibly for the purpose of testing your fitness.


As the volume or duration of your workouts increases, your need for larger fuel sources also increases. This means purposefully “topping off” your energy stores prior to your exercise session, in addition to potentially consuming fuel during your sessions to keep the stores as full as possible.


Increasing the intensity of your workouts can diminish your energy stores much quicker than with lower intensity sessions. This also means that ensuring those stores are as full as possible leading up to the intense piece or pieces of your workout is key to a successful performance.

What’s the one thing we are trying to avoid? Burnout. Fatigue. Diminished performance. Whatever word you choose, the purpose of eating properly to fuel the duration and intensity of your workout is to maintain your energy levels and give the best performance you are able.

Food items to continually “top off” energy stores either pre- or intra- workout:

  • fruit (grapes, dates, blueberries, cut watermelon - easy to consume)

  • coconut water (either also or mixed with a protein supplement)

  • carbohydrate powder (either mixed with water, coconut water, and/or a protein supplement)

Essentially, anything light and full of quick-digesting carbohydrates will top off your blood sugar without sitting heavy in your stomach.

In order to understand your unique body type, fitness regimen, and goals, email to set up a nutrition consultation.

What works for one doesn’t work for all.

Your C5 Nutrition Coach,