What is your inspiration?


Being Healthy? Losing weight? Feeling better inside and out?

Being an athlete? Staying in shape? Re-connecting with your youth?

Being able to play, run, jump and move for your whole life?

Getting into better shape? Doing something different? Cross training?

Looking better?


Trying s new challenge?

Changing your mental habits?

Clearing up past blocks?

Meeting new people?


Whatever your inspiration is, that’s where you go to grab extra energy, motivation and drive. In order for any of us to succeed in attaining our goals and awesomeness, we must dig deep and remember why we’re performing in such a manner, why were doing this, why were doing anything. Eating right, staying hydrated, exercising on a regular basis and staying positive are all part of the process. But, being an inspiration to yourself or others is that extra touch we ALL need. Be that for you, be that for someone else, be that for your family, be that for your community. It's awesome!

Set goals…

Show up for yourself, even on those difficult days…

Support someone…

Be inspired…


Carolyn "CJ" Silas

Personal Coach

(805) 295-9151