Weight Loss and the importance of YOUR body's nutritional demand



It’s no secret the journey of losing weight is private, confusing and complex. One of the most important things to recognize and understand is eachINDIVIDUAL’S genetic make-up is different.  So, the notion that a specific diet will work for everybody is VERY false. This is why it’s critical to have a general understanding how your body operates from the inside out. Blood type, hormones, basal metabolic rate and family genetics all have contributing factors for weight loss

One of the most powerful and important processes for weight loss is feeding YOUR body the nutrition that is right for you! Fueling your body (which is a MAGNIFICENT machine) with REAL FOODS, and accepting that weight loss, doesn’t mean “I can’t have because I am on a diet”, or “that’s not paleo” is critical.  Those notions are precisely why weight loss and long-term weight loss don’t become successful.  The great news is that eating real whole food ingredients doesn’t have to compromise the taste. In fact, YOU CAN and WILL eat foods you love that fuel your body to be the fittest, strongest and healthiest machine possible! 

The most important parts of weight loss are NUTRITION, understanding YOUR body’s demands, and one diet does not fit all! 


There is so much misinformation and biased opinions when it comes to weight loss. If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is.  Most respectable and unbiased experts agree pills, supplements and diet fads DO NOT and CANNOT yield sustainable and SUCCESSFUL weight loss. This is because at some point during the process your body will hit a plateau, either physically, mentally or perhaps both.  More importantly, with these quick fixes your body can’t metabolize and disburse synthetic ingredients as ANY form of useable fuel. In fact, this makes the inside of your body malfunction.  When you are not fueling your body with ingredients it recognizes as a nutrient, weight loss becomes very difficult, if not impossible.  

Take a moment and imagine the inside of your body as an actual machine. If the machine calls for specific maintenance and fuel, would you maintain and fuel it with substances the user manual did not advise to use? Or would you make sure to maintain and fuel it according to the manual?  

If you truly care, you would follow the machine’s manual and maintain the piece of equipment even better than what the manual calls for. This resembles the importance of fueling your body with nutrients it metabolizes and recognizes as fuel. This maintenance is critical for weight loss and overall health. Considering we only have one heart and a LONG life on earth, your body deserves nothing but the best for all it does for you! 

Understanding basic NUTRITIONAL PRINCIPALS is the best investment you can make for your weight loss journey and overall health.  If you want long term results and lifelong health, the foods you consume must be foods you enjoy and look forward to. You HAVE TO EAT and HYDRATE DAILY.  Aside from the foods you consume, intermittent fasting and calorie cycling can be an extremely powerful weight loss tools as well.  To get you started, here is a cheat guide for weight loss tips:

*Eat meals based around your activity level

*Eat good fats, fresh produce carbohydrates and protein with EVERY meal

*Drink at least 50% of your bodyweight in ounces of water per day (+10%-15% for high level athletes at higher activity levels)

*Make most of your daily food intake FRESH fruits and vegetables

*Just because something is “diet” approved, such as bacon or animal fats DOES not mean eat as much as you’d like. MODERATION is KEY for weight loss and overall health.

* If all this feels overwhelming, remember CALORIES in verses CALORIES out. If you consume more calories than your body burns there will be no weight loss.

As you can see, weight loss varies for each person. At Beyond Weight-4-Life our philosophy is to create meals you love, and in turn your body blossoms, both internally and aesthetically! Take the time to understand what YOUR body’s nutritional needs are. It doesn’t matter if you’re vegetarian, firm paleo or a beginner to weight loss, almost all of your success stems from the very foods you eat. I challenge each of you, to make your meals from real whole food ingredients and give up any foods and meals with a long term shelf life (i.e. preservative and processed foods). You will be astonished at the increased energy and overall feeling of wellness achieved. Through proper nutrition weight loss and better health will happen!

To give you an idea of a DELICIOUS  real food meals, here’s one of my FAVORITE RECIPES: 




1 head organic butter leaf lettuce (the live one with roots has much crunchier leaves)

1 lb. meat of your choice (if vegetarian use soaked raw cashews for protein and freeze them for 30 min to get some crunch)

1 bushel of cilantro (finely chopped)

3-4 roma tomatoes

1 bushel of green onions (slice them to your preference)

1 Avocado (sliced thinly to easily spread across leaf)

1 mango (this is optional, if use cut into small chunks)

Just pack your leaves with all the ingredients and VOILA you have a “rawstada”.  This feeds about 3-4 people.

PS- These are a GREAT lunch to pack/on the go snack! All the ingredients can be prepared in advance and last for several days. 

Nicole Wiggin

Whole Foods Nutrition Coach

Beyond Weight-4-Life

Email: nicole@beyondweight4life.com

Phone: 805-748-1095


2 sets: 200m farmer walk (heavy), 4 wall walks


4 x 40sec AMRAP sets:

-100m sprint

-AMRAP wall balls

*rest 3min b/w sets

rest 7min after 4th set, then,

4 x 40sec AMRAP sets:

-15 unbroken kb swings (53/35)

-AMRAP burpees

*rest 3min b/w sets


1. 97% effort each set during part B. Empty the tank with the understanding that you need you need to empty it again in 3min. Test your limits on these.