Rep counting and integrity

We put a VERY high value on integrity in the C5 community.

As a coaching staff; we live it, we teach it, and we demonstrate it daily.

We understand that barbell math is hard for those of you who have not spent a decade with a barbell. Counting reps when you're oxygen deprived is sometimes hard to do as well. However, when you are purposely shaving time, or adding reps to your score, it's frowned upon, and quite frankly, disappointing and unnecessary.

Over the past month, I have personally witnessed multiple individuals demonstrate this behavior. While there are several factors that can drive someone to do this; honest accident, insecurity, or ego.........to name a few, we don't feel that it's necessary, EVER.

This topic isn't being written about to call anyone out. This is a reminder for everyone to demonstrate integrity with everything you do in life. Integrity is a characteristic that is of high value in your friendships, your love life, your job, your business and your family.

If you really completed 13 reps in a 1 minute period, what good is it doing to yell out "25" when your name is called? Because everyone around you got scores in the 20's? You feel that you should be getting the same or similar score? Are you embarrassed of your lower score? (TIP: no one else in the room thinks any different of you if your score is lower or higher than theirs).

When you are executing a workout in the gym, it's YOU vs. YOU! Not you vs. the whiteboard, or the person next to you. You're training to make yourself better! Not to have a sexier number on the whiteboard that get's erased an hour after you leave.

There is A TON of work that goes into the C5 program to help all different fitness levels succeed. The data from that whiteboard each week is reviewed throughly and dictates a lot of how we progress through the year. When that data is flawed, so is our program.

Please remember, the person working out next to you, your friends, and your coaches, don't care what that number is on the board. We care about the EFFORT you are putting into your training.

The numbers on the whiteboard don't dictate who you are. Your EFFORT and your ACTIONS do.

Have a Fabulous, Fitness Filled Friday Folks!