"The Unknown and The Unknowable"

One of the original CrossFit slogans.

What are you training for?………... 

To be a champion in your sport, to be stronger, to be faster, to be more powerful, more agile, or maybe it's just to be a better mom or dad, a better spouse, a better person………a more awesome version of yourself. Whatever it is, it all requires dedication, hard work and consistency. It also requires getting out of your comfort zone. 

From time to time, we like to remind our athletes that you are making progress, you are becoming more confident, stronger and a more awesome version of yourself!! 

If you're looking for today's WOD…..you can find it on the whiteboard when you come to the box. 

The only thing you need in preparation is your motivation, your drive, and your courage to step into the unknown. All the things that have already gotten you this far in your fitness journey! 

Happy Tuesday…………."Unleash your inner AWESOME"

Comfort zone