We are excited to announce some upcoming schedule changes!!

Based on the feedback from you, the awesome C5 community, we will be making 2 changes to our class schedules beginning Monday, November 3rd:

  1. All 6am classes M-F will change to 545am for those of you who need to rush off to the day job 
  2. We will be adding a Mon/Wed/Fri 9am class (if attendance stays consistent and the demand is there, we will add Tue/Thur)

Thank each of you for your feedback! We hope this helps with everyones schedules and class options! 

Also, coming in November, the new C5 programming levels! Read more here

Don't forget, Diane Fu of FuBarbell is coming to help make your OLY lifting more awesome at C5 on November 8th!

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4 x 5 strict press (heavy)


4 x 2 rope ascent

*rest 2min b/w sets


6 x 30 sec. Air Bike sprints

*rest 2:30 b/w sets


3 sets: (Not for time)

-10 toes to bar

-45sec plank (front/elbows)



1. legless on rope ascents if you can.