1. a basis upon which something stands or is supported
2. a body or ground upon which something is built up or overlaid
It seems like common sense that if anything has a strong, solid foundation, the structure that is built upon that, has the potential to stand much stronger.
There is a specific reason that CrossFit Five Cities has 3 different program levels for each workout of the day (WOD).
90% of our wonderful community does NOT come from an athletic background of high level sports, strength & conditioning, or competition. Therefore, it's critical to understand the importance of building a solid foundation before you try PR'ing on your Clean & Jerk every week.
There is a "process" and "progression" for everything that is strong in life. Your Fitness program is no different.
As a reminder; it is much more beneficial to stay in a specific program (Foundation or Life) for a minimum of 60-90 days (determined by several factors) to build the required foundation to support your growth as an athlete moving forward. There shouldn't be a sense of weakness or embarrassment for following our Foundation program as MANY people need it. Quite frankly, many of you following the LIFE program could benefit from a 60-90 day visit into the Foundation program to help fix some weaknesses.
Point being, the C5 Program Design was established to help each of you succeed on your Fitness Journey! While we understand it's fun and sexy to do WODs as Rx, or with a barbell vs. a dumbbell, or to do double unders instead of single udders....etc. It doesn't mean that your fitness isn't benefiting from a more fundamental movement to build the strong foundation needed to be stronger further down the road on your Fitness Journey!
Make it a great day of Fitness everyone!