Holiday Wish List


At this time of year we get busy, we shop, we lack efficient sleep, we eat more than usual, we over spend and we choose the wrong foods more often. But, relax, it doesn’t have to break you down, as long as you take it easy on yourself and DON’T persecute yourself for the little missteps! Try this, it’s a wish list, things we might ask Santa for, try to manifest on our own or hope for in the near future…


To be injury free

To remain healthy inside and out

To fee pain-free in our relationships

To have more encouragement

To receive compliments with grace

To offer praise more often

To say “I love you” all the time

To make better food choices on a regular basis

To get addicted to feeling good when eating cleaner

To avoid the addiction of being uncomfortable when eating bad foods

To continue to listen more and listen better

To accept criticism with patience

To be honest with ourselves and each other

To show up at the box/gym, even when you’re struggling

To avoid comparing ourselves to others

To love others deeper

To accept “me” the way I am


How will you allow yourself to transform into the best person you can be for your soul, for your community and for the world around you?

If you could ask for anything, but not an item, what would you wish for from good Ole St. Nick?

What does your holiday wish list look like?


Carolyn “CJ” Silas

Personal Coach

(805) 295-9151