2-3 times per year, we like to remind the C5 community that you have the ability to conquer any task we may throw at you. Daily workouts (WOD's) will not be posted on the website this week. You will find them on the whiteboard when you arrive at class.

While we teach everyone in our On Ramp Program how to scale and modify specific movements based on individual abilities and workout intent each day, there still lies that little voice inside your head that says;

"I can't do that!", "I'm not going in today, that WOD might kill me....", "Who comes up with this stuff, that's impossible to complete under that time cap!".......etc.

BLIND WOD WEEK was implemented into our program several years ago when we would start hearing some of the chatter listed above. Or, we would notice members of the community "cherry picking" workouts to their favor in lieu of facing their weaknesses to become a better human being.

This week will be YOUR reminder that you ARE strong, you ARE capable, you ARE skilled enough to attack any workout that may be written on that white board when you show up to class today (and all week)!!!

Be CONFIDENT in your abilities!!

Make it a great week of FITNESS everyone!