Sweet Pot Bars

Sweet Pot Bars


-2 organic sweet potatoes 

-2 cups organic gluten free rolled oats or 2 cups sprouted quinoa flour

-1 cup raw organic vanilla protein powder (I use EPIC vanilla sprouted protein powder and Vega)

-¼ cup organic full fat coconut milk (any non-dairy milk works great)

-¼ cup local raw honey

-2 tbs. vanilla bean powder

-2 tsp. fresh ground organic cinnamon

-½ tsp. himalyan salt

-3 tbs. fresh ground organic flax seeds

-2 tbs. organic rosemary (finely shredded)

HOW TO MAKE: First bake the sweet potatoes in the oven until done. You want them soft so you can mash them into a very smooth consistency. It is optional to remove the skin of the potato (I leave the skins on and it works great!). Take the oat or quinoa flour and blend into a fine flour consistency in a food processor or blender. Take the mashed up sweet potatoes, oat or quinoa flour, and mix with all other ingredients using a hand held mixer. Transfer the mixture into a large cake pan lined with parchment paper (VERY important to use parchment paper to avoid sticking) and spread until the batter is about two inches thick. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Remove the batter from the pan by gently lifting the corners of the parchment paper. Place on a cutting board and cut into bars. This batch makes about six to eight bars. These last about one week in the refrigerator and freeze great for several months.