In 4 short days, The CrossFit OPEN workout 15.1 is released!!!! Are you ready?!We currently have (48) C5 athletes registered for the 2015 CrossFit OPEN!!! (Which is super AWESOME by the way!)

So how does one survive a 35 day competition??

Are you aware that if you go into this without a plan, you will most likely not recover properly from each week and potentially hit a wall by week 3 or 4...?

If you're thinking the OPEN is only 5 workouts, 1 per week for 5 weeks, you're overlooking a VERY BIG picture. Those who are serious about the sport of fitness already understand that this is 35 days of competition, not just 5. If you're an Exclusive Program Design client, you already have a dialed in game plan on which days/times you will be attacking each WOD along with a detailed layout on what each weeks training and recovery should look like for your individual prescription.

For everyone else, the image below is a "suggested" concept of what each weeks effort (in percentages) 'could' look like so that you can survive all 5 weeks. This is based on the majority who will be tackling the WODs on Fridays. The OPEN is a stressful 5 weeks. This high CNS demand can be fatiguing without even hitting a WOD! When you're stressed about what the WOD might be, what the loads might be, or the movements, or the time domain, or the unknown.......it all compounds and will take it's toll on your performance as the weeks go on.


Please note: the suggested taper schedule is very broad. This type of tapering in effort depends on several factors; lifestyle, athletic level, training schedule, age (biological and training), nutrition, sleep patterns, OPEN WOD schedule.....to name a few. Hopefully this can give you some insight on what your weeks could look like so your body is prepared to give 110% on GAME DAY each week. If you forgot (or have not learned yet) what Z1 activity is, you read a brief explanation by clicking here. 

Here's to a PR filled OPEN season!!!