Does anyone commit anymore?


There seems to be a problem with making plans, being invited to something and saying “yes” or “no” with conviction, even to ourselves. When someone asks us to join them for a meal, a run, a hike, a movie, a coffee, a meeting…whatever it may be, why is it so hard to respond and consider the plans set?


Are you one of these people that can’t commit and keep your word? If so, what’s your block, what keeps you from staying with your plans? Is there fear in the inability to show up for yourself or others, stay present and be on time?


Do you RSVP and show up? Do you RSVP and NOT show up?

Do you make plans and then cancel at the last minute?

Do you double book yourself? Do you say “maybe” and then not show up?

Do you say “maybe” and then show up late? For some reason our society has shifted on what a commitment really means. Whether it’s the way the world is, the affect of social media on our young people or…who knows. Times have changed! There’s no one to blame, but we need to stop this sometimes, rude behavior.

Recently in our society, the “commitment” is difficult, and for some reason people just can’t keep their word or keep plans. It doesn’t seem that difficult.

It’s been used for years on invitations to indicate that the favor of a reply is requested.

Look in the mirror, face whatever it is that keeps you from committing, everyone involved will appreciate it and you’ll be better for it…and respected too!

RSVP: An abbreviation in French for a reply is requested…répondez s'il vous plait.”


Carolyn "CJ" Silas

Personal Coach

(805) 295-9151