15.4 is now behind us! STRONG WORK by everyone! 

We only have one more week to go until the 2015 CrossFit OPEN is over!

I can honestly say this has been my most enjoyable year of the CrossFit OPEN as a Head Coach. Witnessing the progress, the growth, the PR's, the struggles, the emotions, the motivation, the will, and the full efforts put forth by everyone (Scaled or Rx) has been breath taking. I've actually made it a priority to sit back during each OPEN day and take it all in, (even if it's only a few seconds), and I have to say, I am so PROUD of each of you!

I would have never thought in a million years that exercise would bring this much joy to my life! I genuinely LOVE helping people achieve their fitness goals, push beyond their perceived limits, and become better at LIFE from FITNESS!

I want to THANK everyone who makes the choice to be a part of this C5 community for being who you are! Each of you brings something special to our environment and I appreciate that!

So, now what?

The OPEN is almost over and you have A TON of new goals to achieve; "I want to get muscle ups, and hspu, and handstand walks, and double unders, and a bodyweight snatch, and a bigger back squat, and.............." the list can go on and on. The OPEN is usually a great reality check for everyone involved. You get to see what your strengths and weaknesses are and you can't hide from the numbers you put up when you're being judged and held to specific standards. You either have it, or you don't. You've either put in the work, or you haven't. There's nothing wrong with not doing well, or not meeting your expectations, you just have to accept the results for what they are and understand that it's all the result of your choices and goals.

Where do your values lie as it relates to your fitness? How much time do you want to put into it? Are you as FIT as you want to be and are happy where you are?

All things to consider. Again, there's no wrong answer here as it's up to YOU. This is YOUR life, YOUR set of goals, YOUR decisions on how much to train, how to eat, how to sleep, when to rest and recover, when to listen to your coaches (<--just thought I'd sneak that in ;) ).....etc.

We all want to be "better". What we all have to understand, is that what it takes to get better, looks different for everyone. We are all individuals with different lifestyles, different body types, different goals, different abilities, different mindsets, different stressors, different motivators.....etc.

Step 1: CONSISTENCY. If you aren't training 4-5x per week (4-5x per week can look EXTREMELY different for each individual depending on the aforementioned), you are no where near achieving your fitness potential. This is reality. Consistency is KING. ALWAYS has been, and ALWAYS will be!

Step 2: SUPPLEMENTAL WORK. Those of us with BIG fitness goals, ALL need to do "extra stuff" outside of a group program to achieve specific goals. PLEASE NOTE: "Extra stuff" looks completely different for everyone depending on lifestyle, training age, biological age, sleep patterns, nutrition..........and many, many, more factors. This supplemental work could take 5 extra minutes or several additional hours, it just depends on who you are and what your goals are. It's easy to come into the box early and/or stay late to work on "stuff". But do you know why/how to work on the "stuff"? Sure, putting in more time on your jump rope practicing double unders will help you get more efficient at them. But if you're in the corner practicing your snatches with horrible technique, this could be a bit counterproductive. If you're practicing ring muscle ups but don't even have a strict C2B pull-up and strict ring dip, you're missing the bigger picture. The main point here is make sure you talk with a C5 coach when choosing to put in more time so we can ensure you're making good decisions. Your best option would be Exclusive Program Design to ensure you are putting in the proper time on the proper movements and skills for YOU to achieve YOUR personal goals. While we understand that Exclusive Program Design may not be for everyone based on your goals and/or finances, it's definitely worth exploring while evaluating your plans for the next training season to prepare for the 2016 CrossFit OPEN!!!

Make it a great week C5!!


C5 Owner/Operator/Head Coach/Friend